Torquay Squash & Leisure Club
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions




Membership Policy

All memberships are subject to the following membership policy rules:

1.     Membership holder is granted access to the following activities: Squash/Racketball courts, Gym facility, Fitness Classes, showers and changing rooms,

2.     Membership holder has an obligation to register their entry to the club at reception. Either through the QR code provided with our club app or if they do not have an app speak to a staff member to record them.

3.     Monthly memberships are non-refundable

4.     Annual memberships are refundable within the first 30 days of registration. Refundable amount is Ten-and-a-half months.

5.     Junior Annual membership is non-refundable




Booking & Cancellation Policy

All gym and class bookings made through the programs and apps provided by the club are subject to following conditions:

1.     Booking for any available activity can be made up to 5 minutes before the start of the same activity

2.     Cancelling an activity can be done up to 12 hours before the booked activity starts.

3.     In case of a no-show, booking owner will be placed on a “no booking” time period of 7 days, including the day of the no-show.

4.     Turn-up option is still available for anyone on the temporary “no booking” list.

5.     Late cancellations are not available and thus anyone left on the booking without showing up will be treated as a no-show with the according rules applied.




Court Booking Policy

All court bookings are made through the program provided by the Club and are subject to following conditions:

1.     All available courts are open for booking up to 5 minutes before the start time

2.     Each member can only book a single court in succession on their own name

3.     Each member can only book a single court at the same time on their own name, unless arranged previously with the Club Manager.

4.     Cancelling a court can be done up to 60minutes before the start of that booking

5.     In case of no-show, booking owner will be placed on a “no booking” time period of 7 days, excluding the day of the no-show





Code of Conduct

.a All facilities within the club are subject to our code of conduct (Members code of conduct) below:

1.     Membership holders will behave respectfully within the club.

2.     Membership holders will always leave their area in a clean and tidy state

3.     Report to reception any misuse of equipment or courts

4.     Treat everyone respectfully

5.     Feedback is always welcome whether negative or positive, we will respect any and all views shared by a member




.b Junior Members Code of Conduct

1.     All junior members are obligated to wear eye protection on court at all times, specified by England Squash which Torquay Squash & Leisure Club is affiliated with.

2.     Junior members only have access to squash & racketball courts and changing/shower facilities.

3.     Junior members cannot access our gym or fitness classes unless under adult supervision and have prior approval of the Club Manager.

4.     Junior members are considered children up to and including the age of 18.





Torquay Squash & Leisure Club reserves the right to adjust, update and change any part of the Policy when deemed necessary without prior notice to any of the members.



Last update: 22/01/2021